Baby Cobras Are Cute -- But They're Also Just As Terrifying (And Angry) As Adults

SEPTEMBER 20, 2016  —  By Amanda Black  
Amanda Black

Amanda Black

Amanda hails from the great state of Maine. In the past, she's written for sites like,, and On ViralNova, you can catch her covering animal cuteness, travel, DIY tricks, and everything in between!

All baby animals are cute. No, but seriously, there's actually scientific proof that we find tiny things adorable.

While broad generalizations like this one usually are totally true and never wrong (just kidding), I can't help but agree that I find all small animals to be the absolute cutest. Sure, some of them still terrify me, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to hypothetically take them all home.

Case in point: these teeny-tiny cobras. They're just a day old and they look super cute wiggling around in their box.


So much nope.

You can bet they'll probably remember that guy's face who's taunting them with his hand. Angry cobras are not fun cobras.


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