21 Things Found In Antique Shops That Will Haunt All Your Dreams

SEPTEMBER 22, 2016  —  By Amanda Black  
Amanda Black

Amanda Black

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I grew up going to antique shops with my mom. It was pretty much impossible for her to keep driving if she saw a store she hadn't visited.

We'd always go in and peruse the silver, beautiful furniture, jewelry -- the stores smelled musty and were always jam-packed with stuff. Despite the sheer number of antique shops that I walked into, I never saw anything that terrified me. Apparently, I was going to the top .0001 percent of stores.

Either that or my mom was protecting me from all this terror...

1. This is just what my entryway is missing!

2. This was labeled as a children's toy. I would NEVER give this to a child.

3. What kind of doll is this? The "victims of fires" line?

4. Well, this wall art looks like it's stealing my soul.

5. Jesus.

6. "Oh, sorry, you startled m-- oh crap."

7. Can't you just imagine cuddling up with this doll? (And never waking up.)

8. That look...

9. "Do NOT touch. She doesn't like to be touched."

10. I feel bad for whatever kid had to wake up to this doll every morning.

11. Poor bear.

12. Thank goodness this is on sale! Otherwise, I never would have bought it...

13. He wanted to preserve Suzy's memory...forever.

14. Why would I ever want to touch that?

15. "Oh, this old thing? It's from Aunt Sally. Silly Sal!"

16. What a pretty fount-- NOPE, I take it back!

17. Apparently, there's a big resale market for giant bunny costumes...

18. I have so many questions, but I also just want to run away.

19. Devil eyes!

20. I feel you, girl.

21. Why would they hang it like that...just why?!

Well, I'm officially never going into an antique store again.

Found this moving doll at an antique shop yesterday


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