This Guy Completely Made Over His Backyard In Just One Weekend!

SEPTEMBER 25, 2016  —  By Matthew Derrick

Just the thought of major backyard renovations can be stressful, since they can be quite pricey and they typically take a ton of time.

Fortunately for all you DIY lovers out there, Redditor adf56830 has proven me wrong once again. With one weekend and a budget of $1,000, he was able to build an entire patio and fire pit in his yard.

Our builder began by painting lines in the grass and marking off the dimensions of the patio.

Next, he dug a ditch where the stones would go.

He filled in the hole with five tons of rock and leveled it by hand.

The builder found these chevron tiles on Craigslist and thought they'd be perfect for the project.

To make the patio more stable, he swept sand in between the cracks.

With the walkway finished, he began constructing the fire pit.

As the backyard project came to a close, he added a brick border around the entire patio.

With the addition of some chairs, it was complete!

If you want full instructions for this backyard build, you can find them here! If you'll excuse me, I need to go build myself a fire pit.



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