This Old-Style Funeral Home Is Abandoned And It Looks Incredibly Freaky

SEPTEMBER 19, 2016  —  By Mike Cahill  
Mike Cahill

Mike Cahill

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In the realm of urban exploration, an abandoned, well-preserved funeral home is pretty much the holy grail of creepy locales.

While that might sound like something difficult for the average person to find, Freaktography is no ordinary explorer. As he was roaming around in an unnamed city, Freaktography came across this old funeral home that had only recently been abandoned.

According to Freaktography, the building was constructed in 1897 for about $10,000. In 1949, it was converted into a funeral home.

During its life, this building was the last stop for thousands of people.

Sadly, this funeral home met its own end thanks to larger funeral corporations buying up and merging smaller establishments.

Luckily for our adventurer, the building was preserved really well. In fact, it had been abandoned so recently that the power was still on.

This is a sign for employees outside the embalming room on the second floor.

So many people underwent burial preparations on this very table.

This embalming machine looks like it probably still works.

That is one disturbingly huge needle.

Ready to flip the switch?

The attic and basement were equally creepy. In the attic was a conveyer mechanism that could lower coffins from the storage space.

Of course, what good is a trip to an abandoned funeral home if you can't take a portrait during your visit?

(source Freaktography)

I'm just glad that the owners didn't forget any bodies when they left. For more photos like these, follow Freaktography on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


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