This Cemetery Has A Very Eerie Reputation -- Would You Dare Visit?

SEPTEMBER 25, 2016  —  By Corinne Sanders

Haunted places have always fascinated me, but I'm not sure I'd actually travel to one if I had the chance.

There's a huge difference between reading about scary destinations and actually going there to experience the creepiness in real life. I prefer the former, but there is one cemetery that I'd muster up the courage to visit, because its strange legends are just too interesting to pass up.

Highgate Cemetery in London, England, was built across 20 acres in the Victorian era, and still stands after 177 years.

It was so beautiful that it quickly became the most popular resting place for London's richest and most well-known people, including Karl Marx and the family of Charles Dickens.

Thousands were buried here, but it became abandoned by the 1960s and turned into a decaying, ruined mess. This is when strange stories of hauntings began to surround the cemetery.

People who ventured in at night told harrowing stories of ghouls, red-eyed demons, and even vampires.

Many visitors claimed to have seen the Highgate Vampire, a tall figure with a terrifying face that inspired just as much fear as the legendary creature did.

The vampire figure made its way into local newspapers, which not only freaked out the general public, but also attracted hundreds of visitors who came to find it and left empty-handed.

But this creature isn't the only notable resident of the cemetery. Visitors have also claimed to see the spirit of an old lady running through the graves, a ghost with red eyes, and a vanishing phantom figure that stares into the sky.

There are even reports of wailing noises, ghostly faces suddenly appearing, and people being pushed inside the graveyard.

Luckily, this beautifully chilling place has been undergoing restorations since the 1980s, thanks to The Friends of Highgate Cemetery organization. All of us will be able to enjoy all the creepiness it has to offer for many years to come.

(via Week in Weird)

I don't know about you, but I think this place is pretty cool. I'd definitely be open to checking it out someday.


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