She Pulled Him Over For Drunk Driving, But Then Things Took A Hilarious Turn

SEPTEMBER 19, 2016  —  By Corinne Sanders

We've all experienced that dread when we see red and blue flashing lights in our rearview mirrors.

I've only gotten one ticket for speeding, but it was terrifying enough to make me to drive like a granny from then on. No matter the infraction, the experience is always a little scary -- but wouldn't it be great if traffic stops were as funny as this one?

In this video clip from "Reno 911," a police officer pulls a man over because she suspects that he's driving under the influence. But what began as a field sobriety test quickly became a hilarious encounter that leaves me wishing that being pulled over was this much fun.

How did this turn into a dance lesson?


That guy has some pretty impressive moves for being drunk. Just don't follow in his footsteps, okay?



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