This Amazing Kid Gave A Homeless Man The Shoes Right Off His Feet

SEPTEMBER 22, 2016  —  By Matthew Derrick

One homeless man in Louisville is learning what it's like to walk in someone else's shoes in the most literal way.

When 14-year-old LaRon "RonRon" Tunstill came across a homeless man while passing out food with PurpMe, he felt compelled to help him out. Never one to pass up the opportunity to aid someone in need, RonRon sat down with the man and began a conversation. That's when his attention shifted to the man's footwear.

He was wearing shoes without soles. The man's exposed toes were touching the hot pavement. In one incredible act of kindness, the teen removed his brand-new shoes and offered them to the man. While initially refusing the generous gift, RonRon assured the man that it was what God wanted him to do.

As director of PurpMe, Jason Reynolds pointed out that RonRon had undergone quite a drastic transformation from the young man he was before becoming associated with the non-profit organization. Once a kid of the street, Reynolds took RonRon under his wing and the lasting impressions he instilled in the young boy appear to be paying off.

RonRon appears so nonchalant about giving his brand-new Jordans to a complete stranger.


To learn more about the acts of kindness performed by PurpMe, you can visit their website. We need more people like RonRon!


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