He Hung A Ladder Up In His Dining Room And Created The Coolest Light Fixture

SEPTEMBER 23, 2016  —  By Corinne Sanders

If you love antique shops, you've probably noticed an old ladder or two while browsing.

They've never really held much interest for me -- I prefer checking out what jewelry they have to offer. After seeing the the amazing thing that this guy did with one, though, I'll be singing a different tune from now on.

Instructables user craftsmandrive found a ladder at one such shop, and he used it to create the most beautiful lighting in his dining room.

After screwing two heavy-duty hooks into the ceiling, he drilled four holes into the ladder and installed bolts. This helped him hang it easily with a sturdy chain.

Every good light fixture needs an equally great electrical plan, so he created this design for a wire terminal.

Then it was time to start hanging the chandeliers on rods drilled between the rungs. He attached the center piece directly to the ceiling and spliced the top of the light so the wiring could run to the terminal.

Next, the crafter mounted the terminal on the ladder and followed his plan. He attached the live ceiling wires into opposite sides of the block and ran the outgoing wiring to each light.

And he was left with this gorgeous, rustic fixture.

I had no idea a ladder could look this elegant.

I need to go find an antique ladder ASAP so I can recreate this masterpiece. If you're coming with me, you can find the full instructions for this installation here.


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