Just Your Daily Reminder That The Ocean Is A Powerful And Terrifying Thing

SEPTEMBER 10, 2016  —  By Mike Cahill  
Mike Cahill

Mike Cahill

Mike is ViralNova's resident Editor of the Weird. If it makes you say "OMG! That's terrible!!!" then Mike probably wrote it. Despite the subject of his articles Mike is surprisingly well adjusted. When he's not writing, he's making music, performing, and producing podcasts.

When a storm system is moving in, that's probably not the best time to go to the beach. However, that didn't stop two retirees from paying a visit to Ploudalmézeau, France, to hang out on Porsguen beach. Ploudalmézeau is located on France's Atlantic coast, where a large storm system has been causing chaos for the last several days.

The two were looking out onto the water when a massive wave rolled in and knocked the husband off his feet. Trying to regain his footing, he grasped his wife's hand before being swept out to sea. His wife followed by trying to grab him, but she too was washed away in the waves.

Luckily for this couple, another tourist on the beach saved them from a watery grave.

As of this writing, the couple and their savior are okay. Let this be a lesson to never underestimate the ocean, especially during a storm.


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