He Cut Into A Water Jug And Made An Expensive-Looking Pendant Light For Cheap

SEPTEMBER 22, 2016  —  By Corinne Sanders

I'm a big fan of finding new uses for stuff that most people would normally either recycle or throw away.

Sure, my greatest upcycling achievement was only creating a castle for my cats out of cardboard boxes, but I'm happy that I at least managed to build something. After seeing the simple yet awesome lighting that this guy created, though, I feel confident about moving on to much cooler projects.

Redditor shwekwek wanted a pendant light without the cost, so he took an empty water jug and made his own. The best part is that he only spent money on paint and light bulbs!

This jug provided the perfect, cheap material for the lamp.

He first tried cutting it with a knife, but it became difficult very quickly.

So, he turned to his trusty band saw -- it sliced through like butter.

A knife still came in handy to remove the cap, though.

To give it a luxurious look, he painted the inside metallic gold.

Then he used a black matte finish for the outside.

All that was left to do was pull it onto the lamp holder and screw a light bulb into place.

He made sure to use low energy bulbs to avoid them warping or melting the plastic.

How cool is this lamp?

You'd never know it was made out of a plastic container.

After seeing this awesome project, I really have to wonder what other cool things can be done with water jugs. If you'd like to replicate this easy light, you can find the full instructions here.



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